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Kori Matrimonials
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Why Safe Matrimony?

We take every possible step to make your search for a life partner safe. We strongly recommend you to be aware and follow a few guidelines during this journey. Safe Matrimony is our initiative to guide you to a safe search.

  • How to be safe?

    Never reveal your account info

    Keep your matrimony profile user name and password safe. Remember, no one from KoriMatrimony will ever ask you for the same

    Do reference checks

    During your search for a life partner, ensure that you meet the prospective partner, their family and do complete reference checks before you proceed further

    Safety in public

    Meet your matches in safe public places only. Always, keep your friends or family informed about your meeting

    Never ever give money to anyone

    Do not transfer funds or offer financial help to any person you meet while searching for a life partner

  • How to detect an online fraudster?

    Don't reveal their real face

    Are not willing to come on video chat or meet you in person

    Ask for money

    Request for transfer of money, citing a personal emergency or other reasons

    Send gifts, ask you to pay customs duty

    Someone calls saying they're from customs & ask money for delivering gift

    Ask for financial details

    May ask for email address/password or credit card/bank account details

  • Manage your information

    Choose who views your photo

    You can control who views your photos by showing them only to select members or even hide them completely.

    Choose who sees your number

    You can show your number only to members who contacted you or responded to your interest or reveal it only to Premium Members from your community.

    Protect your horoscope

    You can choose to show your horoscope only to members who contacted you or responded to your interest. In fact, you can even hide your horoscope from being viewed.

  • Safe Matrimony Videos

We hereby declare that KoriMatrimony website is not a dating website and it is strictly for matrimonial purpose only.
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